Can I also experience the wonderful soccer madness in Taiwan?

One month ago, the Soccer World Cup in South Africa came to an end. I saw almost every match in Germany since I visited my family in Germany during the past month. In Taiwan, I already saw some soccer matches before and now I am wondering whether people in Taiwan could also comprehend this sweet feeling of soccer madness.

I totally regret that I didn’t fly to Germany in 2006 to watch the Soccer World Cup in my own country. I didn’t expect that soccer would have that much of influence. Germans of course already liked soccer a lot before, but the World Cup 2006 really went beyond everyone’s expectations. Prior to this, there haven’t been things like public live broadcasts or fans who totally support the German team with their outfit or national flags that are tagged on cars etc. Thus, my feeling of watching the World Cup in Germany this year was quite different compared to before. (If you want to watch pictures, please click here)

But what about the Germans who live in Taiwan? I was very happy to find out that the Taiwanese television, unlike the Euro Cup 2008, broadcasted all matches again. Furthermore, everyone could go to pubs, restaurants or similar places to watch the matches together with fellow countrymen and people from Taiwan. However, this cannot replace the atmosphere one can feel in Germany. We Germans of course are very glad that many Taiwanese support the German team, but one’s own feeling towards the national team is still a little bit different.

What I mean is that we Germans do not support the German team because some players or the coach is really handsome, but because we are simply Germans and our support for the German team is somehow determined. Speaking of the German Soccer Team, we Germans frequently use „we“, especially when „we“ (the German team) won a match. 😉

In my opinion, this kind of „national feeling“ shows the overwhelming influence of soccer. Can you also feel it Taiwan? I think yes, however, not quite comparable with Germany. In Taiwan, when I go to a pub to watch soccer, I somehow have the feeling of an „international community“. In this way, I surely still support the German team, but I would hardly scream my head off while doing so. Additionally I have to say that I probably won’t see any Taiwanese who dance and sing totally „high“ (I am using this „high“ right now because many of my Taiwanese friends who live in Germany used this word to describe us Germans, haha) and have a car parade after a victory.

When it’s about soccer I have a dream. I dream that the soccer team of Taiwan one day could participate in the World Cup so that people in Taiwan would be more interested in it. If one day in Taiwan, I could go to a public live broadcast like in Germany, then Taiwan would be quite the acme of perfection in my eyes.


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