Is buying a flight ticket really so hard to accomplish?

My wife and I plan to go to Germany this year in June to visit my family. We are busy with searching for flight tickets that suit our schedule and budget for almost one month now, but so far we didn’t have any success.

Of course, the easiest way is just not taking care on the price. However, I do care and everybody should also consider this…two flight tickets compared to one flight ticket cost double the price of one (you can call me the Math doc now, haha!), so a difference of 5,000 NT is actually a difference of 10,000 NT for us and so on.

Previously, we always asked a friend’s friend who worked for a travel agency to help us in searching and booking flight tickets, but somehow it doesn’t seem to work anymore. So we are looking in the Internet by ourselves, but much information is quite complicated and really not easy to find. For instance two days ago, on the website of German Lufthansa I first had to enter my personal data (name, address, cell phone number), followed by credit card data, and even the wish for designated seats etc…….and eventually, at the very last step, it tells me that the chosen flight is fully booked!! What a waste of my time and divulgement of my personal data!!

I noticed that searching for a cheap yet schedule-suitable flight ticket is really not that easy. I can accept when flights are already fully booked, hence I know that I was too late looking for it. However, searching for flights on several websites is also quite tiring since the way of inquiry is usually a little different, and when you have finally found a supposedly good offer then there is probably some catch involved…

So what to do? I would like you to ask you about your experiences in buying a flight ticket from Taiwan to Germany. I know so many Taiwanese who flew to Germany, but I totally don’t know their experiences in this matter. Do you think that there’s no problem at all? When do you consider a price cheap, normal, and expensive? Would you accept to transfer somewhere and thus to travel longer in order to save some 1,000 NT? Which way to do you use to buy flight tickets?

My experience with buying this kind of flight tickets is as follows: in 2005, 2006, and 2007, we bought our flight tickets from above mentioned travel agency employee. Each year, we flew with Thai Airways. The price was about 30,000 NT and we had to transfer in Bangkok. In 2008, everything was much more expensive. We originally booked a flight with Thai Airways again, but due to the demonstration and squatting the airport of Bangkok we canceled our flight tickets and finally flew with China Airlines (also bought from the travel agency). But the price was 42,000 NT!

Do you think that 30,000 NT is cheap and more than 40,000 NT is expensive? At the moment I am not quite sure, maybe we really bought some cheap tickets a few years ago and now think that a ticket for more than 30,000 NT is too expensive.

Well, it would be nice if you expressed your experiences about this. I would really like to know whether this matter is just our or maybe a rather common problem. Thank you very much!!

Update: So we finally found some flight tickets. This year, we will fly Thai again with a transfer in Bangkok. One ticket is 33,000 NT. Although I originally planned to buy the cheapest ticket this year, I had to realize that the cheapest is not necessarily also the most convenient…


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