The cold leaves me cold…Taiwan’s weather features (II)

In July, I already wrote some thoughts about Taiwan’s summer, but meanwhile the weather completely changed. Winter has arrived, today there are only 15 degrees Celsius, and many people out on the streets are wearing thick coats. However, this all doesn’t bother me very much, because the difference between „cold“ in Taiwan and „cold“ in Germany is a rather big one.

Throughout the whole year I think that the most common temperature range in Germany is between 10-20 degrees Celsius. Thus, one usually wears long pants and pullovers and therefore my wardrobe in Germany contains quite a lot of clothes suitable for some colder weather. Of course, the winter in Germany is still much colder, about 0 degrees Celsius and sometimes even below zero. When I was in Germany last year, it was really cold. The temperature range was not between 10 and 20 degrees, but between -10 and -20 degrees Celsius!! When I came back to Taiwan, there were just 8 degrees in Taipei, however, at that time I thought that this was very „warm“, haha.

Therefore I think one can say that Germans probably won’t have any problem with the winter in Taiwan. People in Taiwan seem to use the word „cold“ rather fast when they actually want to describe just a little chilly weather. I personally think that going out on a day like today (15 degrees Celsius, no rain) is very pleasant since one can walk without breaking out in a sweat, the air is a bit better (I’d better avoid to write that the air in Taipei is quite good…), and at that time, one can wear other clothes different from summer time, which probably will be quite interesting for women. 😉 Another aspect: My electricity bill drops significantly in winter time since I don’t need to turn on the air condition. The stingy person in me then thinks that a monthly saving of about 50 Euro is a very wonderful thing!

So why do I don’t write that „I like it cold“? Well, I think that rainy days in Taiwan’s winter are absolutely no fun. Of course, rain usually doesn’t bring fun at all, but in summer time, due to the higher temperatures, everything is going to dry quite fast again…in winter time this is kind of a problem. After doing the laundry and hanging clothes outside, one has to wait 3 days until they dried. In summer time, this sometimes just takes 3 hours…

I wrote that I don’t have any problem with temperatures of 15 degrees outside, however I have a problem with 15 degrees inside!! Please wait a second, I need to take a look into the Chinese dictionary (Note: the English reader hopefully understands that I didn’t directly know the following term in Chinese)…ah, insulation, right? While constructing houses, no one seemed to think about that. I still can accept that there are no heaters in Taiwan’s houses since there are really not many cold days in Taiwan, but that many houses also completely lack of any insulation, that’s quite wimpy. Like this, the outside temperature is quite the same than the inside temperature, in my apartment the difference is just about 2-3 degrees. Well, playing computer, watching TV, eating etc. one can wear long pants and pullovers, but what about taking a shower? I really hate one thing and that’s freezing my ass off after having taken a shower!!! Sometimes I really hope that I could combine the convenient things in Taiwan with the convenient things in Germany and forget about the rest. However, I still think that the winter in Taiwan is quite okay, because in fact, there is no real winter for Germans in Taiwan. This is all more like fall, and sometimes even more like a quite warm fall…


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