Honey, where is my Benz actually?

Since recently I usually walk on Minquan West Road to the MRT station after work. While walking, I both take a look at the traffic and on what kind of cars people in Taiwan are driving and I discovered that not just a few Taiwanese drive quite noble cars.

However, I don’t quite understand how they can afford an obviously expensive car. I don’t really know whether Japanese car brands like Lexus, Honda, and Toyota are really that much cheaper than German brands like Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen, but actually I really doubt it. Most frequently, of course, one can see Japanese cars on Taiwan’s streets, but everyday I also see quite many German cars and it seems that they are the second-favorite choice of cars among people in Taiwan. 🙂

My question right now is: The level of income in Taiwan is less than in Germany, actually not really less, but the gap is still quite obvious. However, when looking at the streets, then this (statistical) difference is totally absent. So, what’s the Taiwanese secret for buying a car? Could I do the same? Look, I also work at a Taiwanese company, sometimes also have to work at the weekend, however, I haven’t been able to buy a German car in Taiwan yet. Is it because I don’t really like to take a loan or that my salary is quite low? However, compared with my co-workers, my salary is the same or even higher, so please tell me where actually am I doing wrong?

Please don’t think that I really would like to buy a car, but my counting method is more like this: A Benz equals about 80 round trip tickets from Taiwan to Germany, a BMW about 50, a Volkswagen about 25. I’m really not a greedy person, so knowing how to get 25 flight tickets would already be very fine for me. 😉 I, as someone who is taking public transportation every day, don’t really need to spend money for a car, but buying a flight ticket to visit one’s family is pretty important.

I recently saw four Porsche und two Mercedes SLG AMG whose drivers were about the same age as me, how scary is that? Of course I understand that every country has its rich people, however, driving cars like these at the age of about 30 (I’m not 30 yet!) is somehow not quite natural!!!

Finally, another thought: Of course I know that I absolutely don’t have any reason to complain about my life, since overall it belongs to the quite comfortable ones; however no pain no gain, thus thinking about the ways for reaching the honey pots of life seems to be a simple part of human nature.


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