The job market in Taiwan

I think that this topic surely provides a lot of aspects that can be discussed. Of course I don’t count as an expert for the job market in Taiwan, because the situation for foreigners who are looking for work in Taiwan is rather special, however, I already gained some experience in order to be able to compare the job markets of Germany and Taiwan.

I think of three interesting aspects, namely finding a job, changing a job and creating jobs. (start one’s own business)

As long as they don’t want to obtain a Master degree or study abroad, most of Taiwanese collage graduates are looking for a job. However, the pretty strange thing for me is….many college graduates don’t really know in what kind of field they actually would like to work or their jobs after college don’t have anything to do with their previous major at college. In my case, and also in most of my classmates (in Germany), our future plan at the time of our graduation was quite accurate and a job already found, some classmates started to work just two days after their graduation….(which, however, is already a little scary again, haha). Of course Taiwan’s economy is not quite strong at the moment, but I think that the problem for many college graduates is not certainly finding a job, but that the own future plan might not be very accurate.

In this respect I also noticed that people in Taiwan change jobs more frequently than in Germany. I already gave up remembering all names of the people working in the same company as me, since every month people come and people go….I started to work in this company just four years ago, but I am already considered to be an old colleague!!! I think that Germans comparatively dislike changing their job (of course unless it’s for a higher payment :)), because it also means a new environment, new colleagues, and new things which one has to adapt again. Furthermore, regulations on cancellation are more strict in Germany than in Taiwan (actually, are there any basic regulations on cancellation in Taiwan whatsoever?), not to mention that the job market in Germany has already been pretty poor for quite some time, that the vocational education system is rather special in the world etc.

And then there are the self-employed. People in Taiwan really seem to like independence 😉 However, I’m not referring to politics here (if one day I have a lot of time, I will also write an article about politics), but I think of many Taiwanese who open up small stores or stalls, which is quite different compared to Germany. Once again, regulations in Germany are quite complicated, before opening a store one has to get through a lot of paperwork, something what usually is not worth the effort for just one or two persons. Another thing is….before opening a store one usually has to apply for a loan. I personally think that this is always a little risky, because what will happen if the own business won’t be successful? However I think that people in Taiwan really got it, because they always seem to create new ideas for earning money and are not afraid of any failure. I seem to be a little conservative for that matter or just didn’t find the clever business idea so far. If you can help me with that, I would certainly appreciate it!! 😉


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