I like it hot…Taiwan’s weather features (I)

I already wrote some reasons why I like to live in Taiwan, but so far I didn’t mention the features of the weather in Taiwan. Recently (July), it’s pretty hot in Taiwan, everyday about 35C with a relatively high humidity. Many people really cannot stand it, but I like it! 🙂

I also don’t know exactly why, maybe because I was born in July and the best month (birthday and summer holidays and good weather) was simply July. Well, in Germany, there are not many days over 30C (I grew up in a rather northern part of Germany). They count as the best days, since on hot days like these, everyone is happy, goes swimming, sunbathing, having barbeque at the evening etc…..in Europe, the sun just goes down after 9 pm, so there is a lot of time for outdoor activities from the morning until the evening. Hot days like these Germans probably associate with vacation, and whether one has to work or not, the feeling compared to fall or winter is just different….

In Taiwan, I can enjoy hot weather like this from May to October! Slippers, shorts, shirt is just enough and you don’t need to worry that it is too cold, not bad, isn’t it? However, many people in Taiwan now say that the weather is too hot, women open their umbrellas to protect from the sun, the temperature in the stores sometimes seems to be just around 20C etc….but in winter, starting from 20C and below, everybody complains about the cold weather….so do Taiwanese don’t like the Taiwanese weather at all?

Of course, the hot weather also brings some disadvantages, for example it’s also very warm inside the house. When you don’t turn on the air condition, it’s very uncomfortable, but when you do turn on the air condition, the electricity bill is going to increase a lot….in summer there are a lot of insects….in summer there are typhoons etc…..but, compared to winter, is it really that bad? In Taiwan’s winter, I sometimes don’t have the mood even  to get up….after shower it’s damn cold because most of houses don’t have heaters….when going outside you just see people wearing thick clothes….well, what a feeling does this create? One like the happy summer? Absolute not, isn’t it? Many Germans envy me that I live in Taiwan….not necessarily because I mastered Chinese or found a job, but because I can enjoy the long summer in Taiwan!! 😉

Regarding this, I found a difference between people from the West and from the East (West and East should be seen as Europe/America and Far East Asia in this case). People from the West love the sun; people from the East all seem to avoid it. Of course I understand that sunbathing is not good for the skin, but I think, every time opening the umbrella when going out of the house is just too exaggerating. I also understand that the ideal of beauty differs from the people of the West and the East, but every day a few minutes in the sun won’t make you black, however, I rather believe that my words here do not have a big effect against the words of the media….


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