TV in Taiwan is quite strange!

To be honest I don’t like the Taiwanese TV program that much….sometimes I even argue with my wife about it since she really seems to love the program. 😉

There a lot of different TV programs in Taiwan, including news channels, Chinese and English movie channels, entertainment channels, sports channels, music channels, stock channels, religion channels etc., thus normally there should be a diversified program. However, when looking at the details, I noticed that many programs are quite boring, exaggerating, damn stupid and senseless. When I came to Taiwan I couldn’t understand the Chinese programs, right now I wish that it still would be the same, haha!!

I want to write more in detail why my opinion in regard to the programs mentioned above is so adverse:

News channels: I can receive six different news channels in my apartment, but news in Taiwan mainly consist of yellow press news, the worse the better, reporters don’t care about privacy and many of these so called news are actually advertising…..when watching the news I don’t care where to find the most delicious food or where to have fun the most… you know? The most important news program in Germany is just 15 minutes long, but during this time the news content (German and international politics, economy, sports, weather) is much more detailed compared to Taiwan…..

Chinese and English movie channels: I think they belong to the best TV channels in Taiwan, however, many movies are rebroadcasted over and over again, with Chinese movies I already gave up counting how often I watched „Kung Fu Hustle“ and with English movies I already gave up counting how often I watched „MIB 2“. 😉 Recently I watched „The 36th Chamber of Shaolin“ in Chinese, well that’s brilliant! Besides those truly excellent movies other Chinese and English movies are mostly still quite okay, but not necessarily providing the best of entertainment. The funny thing is….sometimes I even find a movie in German broadcasted in Taiwanese TV, not too often, but I already saw some of them.

Entertainment channels: Oh well! In Taiwan, „entertainment“ seems only to consist of hot girls, singing, talking and gambling, obviously being called „comprehensive entertainment and art“ in Taiwan. These ingredients seem to be the four beams of the Taiwanese entertainment programs… alone can’t save the broken house. In Germany, entertainment programs are also not that well, but in Taiwan everything is just exaggerated!! When watching „Superstar Avenue“ (Note: something like the Taiwanese version of American Idol), almost every time someone begins to cry, then this someone’s mother will cry and in the end the whole audience will cry….wtf!! When watching „Are students fully fledged?“ (Note: a show about students; title loosely translated), I think the topics are quite boring or damn stupid…for example talking about their bad English….well, so why wasting your time talking about it in TV instead of attending English classes??? With things like these I might be quite narrow-minded, but I think showing off one’s own ignorance is simply stupid….then there is „Wo ai hui se hui“ (Note: the title is quite hard to translate; a kind of talent show for young female artists)….alright….twenty young women (usually age 20 and below) wearing school uniforms, but sometimes also less clothes, who are dancing, singing, playing etc……..that’s definitely some old guys best dream. 😉 However, all of the mentioned programs are quite successful so I come to the conclusion that my idea of entertainment doesn’t match the Taiwanese idea….of course except for „Taiwan’s biggest party“ (Note: a daily live satire show based on current news events, fantastic!)!! Unfortunately that kind of humor and satire is pretty difficult to understand for foreigners…..

Sports channels: Well, at this point I would like to take the opportunity to address to the sports channel managers….“sports“ does not only consist of baseball and basketball!! Showing baseball and basketball every evening is also exaggerated!! Just in case you didn’t know yet, I want to tell you….the most famous sport in the world is soccer….but last year one couldn’t watch the European Championships in Taiwanese TV….for a so called sports channel that’s damn embarrassing!

Music channels: I really tried to watch them, but generally speaking most of the songs sound pretty much the same and don’t offer much variety….

Stock channels: How can it be that there are four, five TV channels dealing with stocks, finance etc.? Is this related to the gambling? I think this way of getting information is quite dangerous….the details about stocks, finance, economy are pretty complicated to understand…you can believe me since I studied things like these….so, in Germany I first had to study and then pass an exam in order to give such financial advisory….in Taiwan it seems one just needs to be able to talk pretty fast Chinese. 😉

Religion channels: Basically I’m not much into religion, but most of the programs dealing with religion have one big advantage….mostly people talk very slow Chinese, so that I can understand everything. This is really relaxing, sometimes I feel really comfortable after listening for some minutes….and then I also think of going to sleep, haha!

In a nutshell I must say that Taiwanese TV gives me some headache, thus I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the inventors of the internet!! I know that my opinion is not really fair, furthermore the Taiwanese TV program is made for Taiwanese and not for foreigners, I just want to share my opinion with you and hope that Taiwanese people can understand my astonishment.


6 Gedanken zu “TV in Taiwan is quite strange!

  1. If you want more choices, get a box with digital tv – they do have some channels in german.
    This is Taiwan, and want it or not, you have to adjust to what local people wants. Just because soccer is the most popular sport in the world, doesn’t mean people in Taiwan will want to watch it.

  2. The question is how people would want to watch something else when they usually don’t get offered with something else?

    Meanwhile I know much more people in Taiwan (usually under 30) who prefer soccer over baseball and basketball and this without showing it for 18 hours daily.

    And another question is whether people in Taiwan like it because they like or because Americans and Japanese like it. Yes, this is Taiwan, and I do respect what local people want, however, I do not need to adjust to it when I don’t want to.

  3. Same here… i think they must produce like quality TV shows, like Reality TV , That people enjoying nowadays .. there variety shows are very boring … i love there cooking show since i love cooking enjoy watching it … Taiwanese drama series is so unreal goshhhhh.. the story is so unrealistic ,japanese & korean series is more watchable there variety shows cool love there singing and dancing hope the TV producer can think of more entertaining concept for people to watch ,

  4. I think viewer’s preferences are quite diverse, so the TV channels produce the things which are easiest and cheapest to produce, but still can get a large audience to make money with. I, for example, don’t like reality shows at all, and I also don’t like variety, singing or cooking shows, but what I like are documentaries, informative news, discussions etc. In other words: I don’t want to be entertained by TV, I want to learn more things by TV. This, however, might be a rather special thought about what TV could give you if it’s made by people who think in the same way. But coming back home after a long workday and relaxing in front of the TV by enjoying his or her favorite variety, singing, reality or drama show is totally fine, too. I just don’t understand why there is room for a couple dozen of these channels but no room for at least one channel for the rather serious folks out there.

  5. hi i love watching taiwan tv channel ‚cause i wanted to learn more about taiwan,but my problem is i’m having a hard time understanding what they’re talking,so thru to this ,is it possible to put some translation on every show in all tv channel?i’m just hoping so,i’m a filipino though i’ve meet a lot of fil-chinese leave here in Philippines,still we’re not that fluent in speaking chinese,mandarin,since they leave here,,they english language as the middle langauage…….please hear our request…thanks…..

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