Why are so many foreigners married to Taiwanese?

I recently found out that many people enter this question in Google. For me the simple answer is: Because Taiwanese are very cute!! *lol*

Except for this I think we first have to point out what „many foreigners“ should exactly mean. Are Mainland Chinese also considered to be foreigners by Taiwanese? Can people from other Asian countries be compared with people from western countries? In my western point of view foreigners in Taiwan are first of all Westerners in Taiwan, people from other Asian countries….well, I don’t know, so far I didn’t think about it. Of course they are officially also referred to as foreigners, but……for example if I saw a Thai and an American on the street, I would very probably not think of two foreigners but a foreigner and an Asian. I’m quite weird!

So at the moment I have a problem: I’m not quite sure to which aspect the question „Why are so many foreigners married to Taiwanese?“ actually refers. This topic refers to at least three aspects: Mainland Chinese who are married to Taiwanese, Asians who are married to Taiwanese und Westerners who are married to Taiwanese. For the first two mentioned I neither have the experience nor the Chinese language skills to discuss it well, however, for the third aspect of course I do.

Please take a look again at „Why do you like to live in Taiwan?“ because this article already contains some points that people from western countries like among Taiwanese. Nowadays it is so easy to make friends via the internet, nowadays many Taiwanese go on vacation or study in western countries etc., so there are also a lot of possibilities to find friends among foreigners, and to fall in love. For many people this kind of relationship, Westerner and Taiwanese, is very interesting, because although the looks, the points of view, the languages of two people are completely different, they nevertheless often still find a way to communicate, either with simple English or with gestures. And after some time two completely different people then probably will have found a way to understand each other, their life, their culture, and their language. This process is not easy, absolutely not easy, but it seems that more and more people are successful in doing so!

I think that binational marriages (to Westerners) will be normal for Taiwanese in twenty years, of course still with some special features, for example the children’s looks, but in general no one would ask why so many foreigners are married to Taiwanese. Humans are simply humans and the world becomes smaller and smaller, the 21. century is the era of globalization and the world view of Westerners matches the world view of many Taiwanese. Perhaps marriages between Westerners and Taiwanese can be considered as a special feature of our modern globalized society.


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