November 26th 2005

Recently I got some packages sent to my school’s address. It seems to be much safer than let them send to my home, because there aren’t any letter boxes and the mail is just put somewhere in the staircase. So, every time when there is a package for me, I get a notice by the school’s office and I have to go down there to take it with me…the package, not the office! This happened three times within the last two weeks and people now think that I’m really popular 🙂 Mostly they are packages with stuff bought in internet or from Miss Taiwanoca’s mom from Taichung, who keeps sending us basic things, such as food and clothes, since Taipei doesn’t have any clothes or food stores. 😉

The last package was one like these, but this time there was also something special in it from which I want to tell you right now.

This is an amber bracelet including a „guarantee certificate“ and description about what it is about. We are now in a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however already very spiritual. Miss Taiwanoca first had to explain what this is about (…since I wasn’t able to understand the Chinese manual) and after that I began to inquire myself a little bit:

Amber Specs: Amber is the fossilized resin of ancient cone bearing trees (like pine trees) of the Oligocene period.

Color: Pale yellow/brown to dark brown in color with clear to opalescent features. Some stones contain insects and bits of plants.

Finds/Mines: Eastern European countries like the Baltic region, Russia, Poland. Also North and South America.

Ancient Lore: Amber is one of the oldest substances used for adornment. It has been found as jewelry in grave sites dating back 8000 years. The early Chinese thought the souls of tigers transformed into amber when they died. Amber was sacred to ancient Mother Goddess worship. The old Greek name for amber was “elektron” – amber rubbed against wool or silk becomes electrically charged! Women wore carved amber images of fish, frogs and rabbits to ensure conception/fertility. Norse tradition believed amber to be the tears of the Goddess Freya. Amber was worn to guard against ill luck and enchantment.

Metaphysical: Projective energy; associated with the Sun and the elements of fire and Akasha (spirit). Amber is also associated with the Earth Mother and a symbol of life.

Worn to enhance beauty and attractiveness. Amber stimulates happiness, attracts friends and companions to the lonely. Increases ones enjoyment of pleasure. Amber is considered a general protector of health, especially for strengthening the eyes. It is used to relieve or cure existing conditions such as deafness, earaches, headaches, asthma and insanity. Amber is also used to promote business success and stimulate money flow.

Wow, great stuff then! However, everything is about believe. I was never into that kind of thing before, but since I live in Taiwan, between the world’s highest building and old traditional temples, it seems not to be that obscure as it might seem in the west. I therefore decided to give it a try and, believe it or not, just a few hours after wearing the bracelet I got a profitable translation case, which let me earn this months rent just within two days! So much as for „stimulate money flow“. In this case, it can stimulate me even more 🙂

Speaking of money…I won’t tell you how much this bracelet was. I just tell you so much: I personally would never have bought the bracelet for this price, not even for the best promises in the world. However, Miss Taiwanoca’s mom did for me, which even made me a little embarrassed since I’m not really sure, if it really works or not. Thinking everything through, I don’t find any point not to believe in some spiritual power around my wrist, so I’m really thankful for this gift and will cherish it as long as I wear it.


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