September 21st 2005

It’s Moon Festival again! After Chinese New Year it’s the second holiday I spend in Taiwan for the second time….heh, I think I should stop counting like this, since there will be many things coming for the second or even the third time in the near future. However, it’s still quite new for me although it didn’t differ quite much from last year.

Miss Taiwanoca and I went to Danshuei to watch the sunset and later go to Bali by boat. No, not Bali in Indonesia (…also would be quite far), just Bali on the other side of the river. There have been many nice places to watch the bright shining full moon…..just the thing to do at Moon Festival 🙂


Am letzten Sonntag wurde in Taiwan das Mondfest gefeiert. Am 15. Tag des 8. Monats des Mondkalenders ist der Mond besonders groß und Frl. Taiwanoca und ich beschlossen an diesem Tag aus der Stadt raus nach Danshuei zu fahren. Natürlich hatten auch viele andere Menschen die gleiche Idee, da aber die Uferpromenade groß genug ist, sind auch größere Menschenmengen kein Problem.

Nach einem wirklich schönen Sonnenuntergang sind wir dann mit dem Boot nach Bali gefahren. Nein, nicht nach Indonesien (wäre auch etwas weit), sondern zu einem anderen Ausflugsort gleich auf der anderen Seite des Flusses. Von dort aus konnte man dann den Mond sehr schön beobachten:

September 14th 2005

Hi there, I’m back from Germany. Seems like I have never been away from Taiwan, well three weeks aren’t really long and the time being at home passed very quickly….that quick, that I even didn’t find the time to write something from Germany. However, Miss Taiwanoca and I mostly stayed at home or visited family members, there was so much to talk about and so many people to meet!

So this is the beginning of my second year living in Taiwan now. Wow, one year ago a sentence like this sounded like a dream for me. That time, it was hard to imagine how to figure out all things and how to make it possible to stay for a longer period than a few months. Well, it was possible and in fact, all my expectations have been exceeded. One thing may describe it very clear.

When I came to Taiwan one year ago it was my wish to go on top of Taipei 101 at least once, just by interest and of course to tell others that I have been at the world’s tallest building. In the end I have been on top of Taipei 101 for more than 30 times during my work for Acoustiguide, maybe 40 since I stopped counting sometime in between 🙂 You can take it as an example of my exceeded expectations, for more details you are invited to read the last 360 days of this blog 🙂

However, there’s nothing to rest about. Especially not after spending almost every saved money to pay the trip to Germany. Thus, the story will continue as there never have been any break. Nevertheless I hope it will become a little easier, since I can consider myself as generally accustomed to the Taiwanese society. If it’s a big advantage or something you cannot buy anything from I have to see and very probably will find out very soon. As for now, welcome back to Taiwan and good luck again!