August 18th 2005

Finally done! After a few days of studying I wrote the final exam for the second book and therefore the Intermediate Chinese level. It was so relaxing half a year ago, when writing the first final exam! This time it seemed much harder for me, in some pre-exams I only got 20-30% and somehow I had the feeling not even to have seen some of the things mentioned there. It’s the same problem at any end of a semester, but this time it’s more serious. Usually you will need more than 6 months to finish this second Chinese textbook, but there are fixed dates for the exams and you have to see to get ready until then. Thus, I almost entirely studied vocabulary and writing the last days, the PDA had to do extra hours to help me somehow to memorize all the things.

Well, the final exam this morning was very difficult like expected, I first just tried to keep my lacks in knowledge as small as possible. Surprisingly after some time I discovered more and more topics that I have been familiar with, but I could  never lose the feeling that there have been traps everywhere, so I always thought twice or thrice before writing an answer. Really crazy.

Basically it’s about nothing. If you pass or not, it doesn’t influence your further studies or life in Taiwan, however this exam atmosphere always makes me feel like under fire. I don’t get much nervous or something like that, I just don’t want to make unnecessary mistakes and of course want to pass 🙂 Well, I guess I got the necessary 60% to do so, maybe just close, but would be enough. Therefore, my flight to Germany will be the next thing to do. Have to pack my suitcase tonight and tomorrow evening, Miss Taiwanoca and I will already be on the way to visit my family.

Update: Chinese-Master! 81% in the final exam!! How come? I never expected a result like this and I didn’t even copy 😉 I might believe I can speak and write Chinese someday! Awesome. But first I will go home now, will come together with Chinese in a few weeks again 🙂


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