July 28th 2005

I think I just had to do something against the overwhelming amount of grammar and vocabulary of my Chinese classes hitting me every week. Every new lesson brings 70 to 80 new Chinese words and I’m sure, they will be taken for the final exam next month, thus there is no other way to study them right now and hope to be able to write them quite soon. It might be okay for just one lesson, but my book contains 28 lessons and about 650 pages.

怎麼辦? Well, actually there are quite many websites which copious handle the Chinese language and which are very helpful doing homework or preparing exams, for example the excellent dictionary from YellowBridge and for detailed character checking the marvelous list of zhongwen.com. However, using these sites require two basic knowledges: how is a character written and how it is spelled. Therefore these two sites are not very suitable to learn new vocabulary.

So how to remember a large amount of new words in a short time? Of course you can use the traditional method of writing every word down on a card and repeat watching at them until you got all in memory, but hey, we are living in the 21st century and (almost) everything can be done using a computer!

Fortunately, Miss Taiwanoca got a PDA from her dad some while ago, but she didn’t know what do with it, so she gave it to me. However, I also haven’t had any great necessity to use it until I got this problem about vocabulary learning. Once more looking for some programs online, I finally found some to use on the PDA, so right now I can input Chinese characters just by writing them down on the screen 🙂

Furthermore I made it to transfer all the words from my book to a flashcard program on the PDA, so I can practice them quite easily. And, believe it or not, at today’s dictation I got 100%!! Maybe just coincidence or luck? Well, I will find out at the next exams, anyway it just looks very cool to put out your PDA at the bus and write on it 🙂 Maybe I will also buy a graphic tablet to write characters on the computer screen, but for the moment I’m quite okay with this solution, in fact there are only three weeks left until the final exam!


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