July 20th 2005

I think I shouldn’t have make jokes about the latest hurricanes in the US, because during the last three days, Taiwan also has been affected by a typhoon called „Haitang“. Of course it’s not the first typhoon I experience over here in Taiwan, but the strongest so far, supposed to be the strongest one since five years.

Thus, after radio and TV announced that this time could get quite nasty, Miss Taiwanoca and I bought some more food, water and batteries. Saturday was still quite nice, except some heavy winds. At Sunday morning the first heavy rain showers appeared and wind became much heavier, which changed into this typical typhoon weather during Sunday afternoon and evening. This means: Super heavy rain and winds, which make me never dare to leave the house at that time!

Due to the fact that we live at the sixth floor and our room faces the wind on two sides, by every gust it became really loud, which made us staying awake until 5am in the morning. Furthermore, wind seemed to be that heavy that it was able to push the water through the wall and into the room. So we had to seal it up with some towels. The top was reached at 5.54am, when I thought that my beloved window will be blown away. Wow, what a wind gust! It also made the house shaking a little bit (…which usually is just allowed to earthquakes ;)).

On Monday, most office work and school had been canceled, so it was a typhoon holiday 🙂 During the morning, weather became more calm and in the afternoon the rain even stopped and the sun was shining a little bit. The eye of the typhoon! I never experienced this before, but it is true: Seeming like nothing happened before, everything was quite nice again, which let Miss Taiwanoca and me go out to the next supermarket and also take a walk over the university campus. Fortunately there was no severe damage, just a lot of kindling lying around. The rest of the typhoon didn’t affect the north of Taiwan much anymore, in opposite to the middle and south, where heaviest rainfalls went down.

On Tuesday, the everyday life started again and one day later, there was almost no evidence of typhoon to see. However it sounds dangerous or scary, this everything is quite normal for Taiwan, on average 4 to 6 typhoons arrive the island each year.

Ok, so far, the first report of typhoon this year, which very probably won’t be the last. At the moment, weather looks perfect, with 35 degrees and no clouds to see 🙂


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