July 3rd 2005

I hereby declare my hard drive to be picture over-killed !! I really lost track of how to manage all the pictures from my digital camera. Furthermore, as  already mentioned a few times before, I lost some directories after a partial hard drive crash. Although I could recover most of the pictures, there have been a lot of duplicates and even worse, I couldn’t recover the original file names. Thus it seems to be hardly possible to get everything back in the original order…it also takes a damn long time. This really sucks!

Since July 1st I can call myself owner of three websites. I started a german blog and right now I’m really pissed off not to have any holidays! Thinking of all the changes I have in mind there is always the sureness that my next exam is in two days and I prepared nothing at all so far :x:y:z

告訴你, 我忙不過來 !!! 怎麼瓣 ?! 天阿 !!!

Well, but I can write more and more Chinese 😛 Sometimes I think of what everything would be possible, if we just have enough time to do everything we want. Although I think I became much more patient since I’m in Taiwan, there are still so many things which are not getting fast enough for me, especially the public transportation 😉 However, I think I complain about the same things every now and then again, so from now on I consider it as a general problem and truly spoken: Better too much to do than too less, boredom is almost a forgotten word for me and it’s quite okay this way. See you later, have to study now.


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