June 20th 2005

When I counted right, then today is the 300th day for me living in Taiwan, wow, it’s scary to see how fast time passes. If I think I was an exchange student for one year I already would have to make up my mind about going back right now, cause two months or 65 days will also pass very soon I know. So what’s new?

Well, the university summer vacation started last week, which means that me and all the other foreign students from the Language Center have the campus for our own again. We are not that lucky to have three months of summer vacation, in fact it is only one week! I don’t know who invented this rule, but right now there is hardly any thing about this school which is not a little strange. For the time of August, and this means just a few weeks before the real final exam of the intermediate level, they plan to reshuffle the classes, because many of the scholarship students will go to other universities.

So right now, they try to push the classes which may be behind the schedule to make them reshuffle without any problems, but the thing is that the whole plan itself is the problem. How can it be good to change the class, the teacher, the classmates just a few weeks before a really hard exam? But somehow it seems that no one cares about it now, the main thing is you pay the tuition fee cash in advance and don’t ask any further questions, that’s in fact the way I think about it right now.

Well, it’s not finally decided yet and somehow I already thought of really going to complain about it, because it’s really not fair. I will keep you informed about that.

Hey, right now we have 35 degrees outside, one of the best days this year so far. So right now I passed all of Taiwan’s seasons and I can tell you that I like summer the best, probably the time right now, because there are no typhoons threatening the island.

Furthermore, there are no really big news to tell. Study and work keep me 90% busy, the rest 10% are accounted for eating, sleeping and writing this blog 🙂 However, I’m quite fine with it. Looking back the past 300 days I cannot complain about anything much, it hardly could have been better though! And, if I think that so far the more time passed the better things developed, I’m really excited about the near future!