April 20th 2005

Three weeks since my last entry, but I really think time passes faster than normal actually (…like I always do). Well, maybe because I work 7 days a week and can’t make any difference between workdays and weekends anymore, in fact every day is a workday and it also happens that I mistake the current date by 2 days or more. So it’s not very surprising that right now I’m sitting…right, at work! Anyway, fortunately there is not much to do right now so I use the unexpected free time to finally write something to you.

It’s quite funny to hear from some Taiwanese people that I obviously work too much. I always thought that people in Taiwan work much more than I ever could do, but right now I do the same and sometimes even more. Does this makes me one of them or even more one of them?! 😉 However, although it’s really really exhausting and consumes like 80% or 90% of my time…THIS…is the way to make my own plans come true, in fact I decided to do so. Thus, there is nothing to complain about, just sometimes I wonder how this actually can everything happen and be true.

I just noticed that this post can be directly seen as a sequel to the one from March 17. Ok, referring to my income last month I can say yes!, first time black figures since I am in Taiwan and on the best way to do the same in April. Actually I have two bank accounts, coz the money is too much just for one 😉 Haha, I wish so, but the simple reason is that the company I work for now (…and I really mean now, as I’m sitting here) asked me to open a bank account at a certain bank to save transaction fees, although I just opened a bank account at the post office a few days before, so now I have two 🙂

Last Friday then, there was that exam for this year’s scholarship applicants. It wasn’t that difficult since I just chose the Beginner level (…well, which I just passed while starting Intermediate now), however, there were still some parts I didn’t know about, which, although considered as the most difficult of the exam, I think other people did better than me. Today is Wednesday, but there are no results announced yet, if you allow me that masterpiece of newsworthy comparison: I’m still waiting for my personal sign of white or black smoke, preferably white….habemus stipendium 😉 Well, I will inform you whether it’s black or white when I see it.

Hey, so the pope is a German! Everything becomes well again. Although Germany is at the bottom of economic development a German is head of the Catholic Church, at least one thing being the Number 1 again. And I really can afford to make jokes about both…Germany and the Holy See…coz first I live in Taiwan now and second I am not Catholic. And at least the latter won’t change 😉 Hope you excuse that small piece of irony.

If you are German or at least can read German I want to recommend you two very fine and very often updated Blogs from two Germans, one from Florian being in South Korea (www.nuku.de) and one from Sebastian being in Singapore, soon in Taiwan and after that in Hong Kong (asianvibes.blogspot.com). If you are not able to understand German, you still can watch a lot of pictures and if you are an Asian girl you are invited to leave your contact details or offer of marriage to Sebastian’s website (vielleicht bringts ja was ;))

Finally I want to introduce you to some part of Taiwanese pop music as this entries music add. I think that Taiwan has a bunch of really good singers, maybe it’s because Chinese Mandarin sounds quite melodic or I just like to hear the language or they are simply that good. However, many Taiwanese pop songs are really squeaky, the (mostly female) singers acting like not  being older than 14, but anyway, some kinda cute and funny. Maybe this judgment is too hard or just explained not too well, the best thing is you make your opinion by listening to Cyndi Wang’s „Honey“. To be not misunderstood: I really like it 🙂 Right now I plan to watch out for every Chinese song I consider to be good (…and there are many) and maybe someday present you my own Asian Music Chart Index….I think it will be quite interesting to see what a foreigner will choose out from Chinese songs.

Ok, so far from me by now, I will get off from work quite soon. By the way, about two weeks ago I „accidentally“ found a bus, which directly goes from the place I work to the place I live without any transfers, which means a time-saving of about 30 minutes each time and mostly even a seat! Wow, you should have seen me how happy I was to find out that thing just by MY OWN reading a bus route map in Chinese…yep, I really made it! From now on I expect your admiration 😉 Just have to learn how to read the menu in restaurants and color my hair black and I will be one of them, maybe even more… 😉