March 17th 2005

Oh Lord I’m so busy these days!! For seven days in a row I have been going to Taipei and back to Hsinchuang, which means every day sitting about two hours in the bus and subway…well mostly standing to be correct. And actually I think there will be seven or even ten or more days coming to go without a break in between.

So, how come? Last Friday I went to an interview for an afternoon part-time job at a translation company and well, what do you think? I got it, started to work there this Monday! At the weekend I’m still working at Taipei 101 and during the week, in the morning also having my Chinese class, so right now I’m on a seven-day-work-week with about 60 or more busy hours.

It’s very demanding, but also kind of interesting, cause now I feel to have the real chance to prove myself, prove to be able to make it on my own in Taiwan. Next month maybe will be the first month I can cover my expenses just by the money I make here in Taiwan and not by my savings from Germany. Maybe I will be in the black after six months being deeply in the red!

Furthermore I discovered the announcement for this year’s scholarship program, there is still some time since the examination date is sometime in the middle of April, however at least the government gave some money (….I still think it’s the money I had to pay for my visa!) so there is a small chance to get such a scholarship and get rid of some big problems very easily.

Thus, the next four weeks will probably become the most busiest for me in Taiwan so far, however I’m really looking forward to it, I just hope you keep your fingers crossed for all the things coming over quite soon, let’s pray and hope together that everything will work out the way it should be!


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