March 08th 2005

So finally today, the 196th day of me staying in Taiwan, I got my ARC, the Aliens Resident Certificate or like I say „that piece of paper looking worse than a library ID“. However, it seems to be kind of important since everyone is crying for it whenever you sign contracts or just fill out forms. So finally I don’t have to write my german ID or visa number anymore, no, from now on I have my own Taiwan ID 😉

I know, it doesn’t sound that special. However for me, six months ago arriving in Taiwan, it was my goal to stay as long as I can to apply and get this ARC and now I have it. So, it seems that I really can reach my goals while staying in Taiwan and regarding the near future I think this is a good result so far and a good basis to go on for even higher goals.

While working at Taipei 101, I meet and talk to many Germans every weekend. Most of them are really interested about why I stay here in Taiwan and admire me about my (…still poor) Chinese. As far as I can see they are honest to me and they say that I’m on the right way and should do everything I could to gain more and more experience and continue with my studies. One day, I hope that I will get back the efforts I currently put into anything, physically, mentally and financially, however no one can guarantee it, so whatever I do I will do at my own risk.

But these thoughts probably lead too far right now, in detail just until the end of May. The ARC is limited until then, of course, I just could pay for this time studying at the Language Center, thus the next goal will be to earn enough money to pay further studies…..


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