March 30th 2005

Well, for the end of the month I want to become political since this month was kind of ruled by some political happenings in and about Taiwan. To give you a short summary: At 03/14 the Chinese “parliament” finally passed the so-called “Anti-Secession-Law”, giving Chinese leadership wide-spread possibilities to use “non-peaceful” ways to bring Taiwan back to the “one and only China”. Prime Minister Wen Jiabao declared that the purpose of this law is a way to hold Taiwan’s “independent forces” at bay, but not to be a thread of war against Taiwan’s people. At the same day the same “parliament” raised the military budget by 12.6%…and probably added some more missiles to the few hundred already located at the south-east coast directing to Taiwan

tw-demoAfter a few political reactions from foreign countries (USA: “not a helpful step”, Japan: “hope to find a peaceful solution”, Russia: “it’s a Chinese affair”) which sounds like something you want to criticize without using critic words, about one million people in Taiwan came together to demonstrate against the law, which happened on 03/26. I also have been in Taipei that day and I saw the crowds walking around and I had the strong feeling that a law against the “independent forces” is quite useless. China doesn’t need to worry about a declaration of independence from Taiwan, in fact it is already independent, in the mind and the heart of the people.

Everyday I read the Chinese propaganda trying to tell everyone that Taiwan is ruled by some “independent forces”, which try to manipulate people to vote against a reunification…..hmm, but I ask myself where the reports about the demonstrations were banned from TV and newspapers and also any other critics about the “Anti-Secession-Law”. When I read the comments of Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao I really think both of them are really mentally disturbed, however, it seems they are really sure about the things they talk about, although it’s not the truth.

What leads me to the conclusion that Mr. Jiabao and Mr. Jintao are such damn liars and, to speak out my mind clearly, retarded assholes. Well, they are not the only country-leaders to be considered such as, but the way they act is just a shame, a shame for the people they intend to rule. In a democratic country, with freedom of speech and free elections by the people, these kind of politicians would never be reelected for a second time. But where no democracy exists, democratic values cannot count.

tw-demo2The catch for the Chinese leadership probably is the fact, that Taiwan IS a democratic country with freedom of speech and free elections by the people. I know that this is impossible to understand for narrow-minded people like Mr. Jiabao and Mr. Jintao. But this is the fact I am convinced of, because I can experience it every day while living here in Taiwan. In my opinion any conflict can be solved when both sides communicate with each other in an equal and honest way, but at 03/14 the Chinese “parliament” decided to go another way and the Taiwanese people have all reason to protest against it with all they can.

It’s hard to say how things will develop in the future, since democracy and people’s freedom seem to have to step behind economic interests more and more. I also don’t want you, the reader, decide which side is wrong or right. However, I hope that this affair won’t be forgotten by the international community, because I think a few hundred missiles doesn’t seem to forget at which target they are pointing at….

March 17th 2005

Oh Lord I’m so busy these days!! For seven days in a row I have been going to Taipei and back to Hsinchuang, which means every day sitting about two hours in the bus and subway…well mostly standing to be correct. And actually I think there will be seven or even ten or more days coming to go without a break in between.

So, how come? Last Friday I went to an interview for an afternoon part-time job at a translation company and well, what do you think? I got it, started to work there this Monday! At the weekend I’m still working at Taipei 101 and during the week, in the morning also having my Chinese class, so right now I’m on a seven-day-work-week with about 60 or more busy hours.

It’s very demanding, but also kind of interesting, cause now I feel to have the real chance to prove myself, prove to be able to make it on my own in Taiwan. Next month maybe will be the first month I can cover my expenses just by the money I make here in Taiwan and not by my savings from Germany. Maybe I will be in the black after six months being deeply in the red!

Furthermore I discovered the announcement for this year’s scholarship program, there is still some time since the examination date is sometime in the middle of April, however at least the government gave some money (….I still think it’s the money I had to pay for my visa!) so there is a small chance to get such a scholarship and get rid of some big problems very easily.

Thus, the next four weeks will probably become the most busiest for me in Taiwan so far, however I’m really looking forward to it, I just hope you keep your fingers crossed for all the things coming over quite soon, let’s pray and hope together that everything will work out the way it should be!

March 08th 2005

So finally today, the 196th day of me staying in Taiwan, I got my ARC, the Aliens Resident Certificate or like I say „that piece of paper looking worse than a library ID“. However, it seems to be kind of important since everyone is crying for it whenever you sign contracts or just fill out forms. So finally I don’t have to write my german ID or visa number anymore, no, from now on I have my own Taiwan ID 😉

I know, it doesn’t sound that special. However for me, six months ago arriving in Taiwan, it was my goal to stay as long as I can to apply and get this ARC and now I have it. So, it seems that I really can reach my goals while staying in Taiwan and regarding the near future I think this is a good result so far and a good basis to go on for even higher goals.

While working at Taipei 101, I meet and talk to many Germans every weekend. Most of them are really interested about why I stay here in Taiwan and admire me about my (…still poor) Chinese. As far as I can see they are honest to me and they say that I’m on the right way and should do everything I could to gain more and more experience and continue with my studies. One day, I hope that I will get back the efforts I currently put into anything, physically, mentally and financially, however no one can guarantee it, so whatever I do I will do at my own risk.

But these thoughts probably lead too far right now, in detail just until the end of May. The ARC is limited until then, of course, I just could pay for this time studying at the Language Center, thus the next goal will be to earn enough money to pay further studies…..