February 28th 2005

Yea, I was right. At the end of January I wrote that the month of February will probably pass over very soon and so here we are. Chinese New Year and my final exams are over, both have been quite well, you can guess my grade and post it here, it’s a number between 1 and 100% 😉

Tomorrow I will officially start the second Chinese study book, kick off the so-called intermediate level. Intermediate? Well, the thing is, the second book doesn’t offer you those helpful things like Pinyin or Bopomofo, most of the time you really have to read Chinese !!

I don’t know if it will make me lose my mind or improve my reading abilities, which are quite poor actually. I will also get another teacher and new classmates, so somehow I feel like half a year ago right now, but I can speak more Chinese :):):)

I still don’t know how many pictures survived this big hard drive crash which recently occurred. I reviewed all of the 6461 pictures, which could be recovered, then separated them into loading and non-loading, then sorted them by their size, the next thing is to bring them back in their groups and then maybe try to find their original order, coz right now all of them have the same date!! It’s a real stupid work, but that’s the price if you always just think about making a backup, but never find the time to do one.

Last but not least for today, I wanna ask for a favor: Could anyone please stop THAT RAIN !!! Last week, after three days and four nights of permanent rain I thought the worst will be over, but…after a short break it began again…and it seems there will be no end that soon again. It’s not about having to take and to use your umbrella whenever you go outside, it’s more about that I’m afraid someone will cut out my eyes by this excessive use of umbrellas when you cross the street and people think of it as a weapon to make their way through the crowd. Maybe this is hard to understand when you live in a city with less than a few million people or maybe it’s just like this in Taipei …..however, if it didn’t rain people also wouldn’t have to use umbrellas, thus there would be one problem less, so please, someone stop the rain!


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