February 17th 2005

I’m back from my Chinese New Year holidays. The last 10 days, my girlfriend and I went to many cool places, more than in the past 6 months together 😉 Of course we have been in Taichung to spent Chinese New Year with my gf’s family, from there we also went to Nantou and Sun-Moon-Lake, finally!! I still remember the first time when I read my travel guide about three years ago…my most favorite place had been…Sun-Moon-Lake! However the first two times I have been to Taiwan we never got the chance to go there, so we finally made it this time and my expectations were really fulfilled. This place is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I think I could spend one week just viewing the lake and doing nothing and I hardly would get bored with it. Thus I think the first time wasn’t my last time to go there.

A few days later we went to Hualien, to the east coast of Taiwan. I never saw the seaside and high-rising mountains together in one scenery, in Hualien there’s no problem in that. From the city it’s also not very far away to go to the Taroko gorge, which is even an adventure only by driving car. At the evening, we also went to take a bath in a hot spring…very dark around and the air a bit cold, but the hot water super comfortable and next to you only a few hundred meters of raising rocks…incredible fascinating scenery!!

I almost forgot that Taiwan has much more to offer than busy people and crowded streets, full-time work and less time for relaxing. This trip, especially to Hualien, showed me how worth it is to go around and explore more places on the island. However, I’m not a classic tourist anymore, always have to find the time and have the money for traveling around, but for sure it’s something I should do whenever I get the possibility to do it.

PS: I hope I’ll be able to upload new pictures soon. Unfortunately my hard disk crashed some days ago, I could recover most of the pictures, but right now they are all unsorted, so first have to figure out how to sort a few thousand jpg’s!!


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