December 26th 2004

So this was my first Christmas away from home. Somehow I’m glad it’s over and I don’t have to ask myself anymore how Christmas in Taiwan will be. On Friday Dec. 24th, my girlfriend, I, and some friends went out for dinner to Pizza Hut (…yeah Pizza, that’s what I call tradition!) all-you-can-eat for 299NT (about 7 Euro) and we were really eating as much as we could 😉

Afterwards we went to the Taipei 101 area and of course the tower itself. The area was very crowded, people and party everywhere, also 6 to 8 meters high Christmas trees sponsored by various companies…for example Volkswagen in front of Taipei 101…so at least one sign of Germany and a Christmas tree (…Tannenbaum) in Taiwan 😉

Maybe I am a bit too ironic right now….well I can’t help, it’s just not the way I’m used to celebrate Christmas. No regrets coz I know that there will be also a lot of years I will spent Christmas with my girlfriend in Germany 😉

I have to take an exam in two days, 4-unit-exam, so not the usual 10-minute-dictation. Therefore I didn’t make it to post other pictures or videos yet, hope to get some more time after Tuesday. And then there are only a few days left until the year is over. At least in theory. I’m looking forward to see how „intense“ the western New Year will be celebrated in Taiwan, however, no comparison to the Chinese New Year I already know, but I don’t complain about it. The time will also come 😉


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