December 20th 2004

I had a quite busy weekend. On Friday I went to my school’s Christmas party. It was very interesting to come together with more than a hundred people from about twenty different countries, the most international event I went so far. There have been singing performances by Indonesian, Russian and Mexican singers and a multi-language version of „Silent Night, Holy Night“ in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and even Swahili, ah and last but not least the St. Kitts and Nevis dialect version (…eh?).

You miss the German part? Me too. It seems that is has been forgotten to ask any German to join the performance, anyway, if it only had been me singing German on stage…no way guys!! However, the most exciting part I saw this night was African dancing. Just reflect the situation: So I’m sitting there in Taiwan far away from my home in Germany enjoying African dancing! I never saw it live before and I’m quite impressed by this really nice way of body language and expressing feelings 😉  Thus, it was a really eventful evening together with an international community sharing the idea of Christmas, well done!

On Saturday, most of us met again for our „Tug-of-War“ – Final match and of course we won!! Pretty tough though, finally we scored a clear 2-0 victory against the senior fitness club I guess. They even had cheerleaders. We had the power. So what? 😉  My girlfriend also recorded the action on video, if I make it to a reasonable resolution and size maybe I will upload it. So what did we win? It was a (..small) glass trophy, a certificate and 5000 NT (155 US, 115 Euro). And….I was the one who received the trophy at the podium…you know, like having won the Soccer World Cup 😉

Sunday was just relaxing and of course studying. Sunday is my usual study day since we got used to write dictations on Monday. I have a mixed feeling about going to school next week, especially Thursday and Friday. I never went to school at Dec. 23rd and 24th, coz that time there are always holidays in Germany….but, as I already mentioned some other time, I guess Taiwan is not Germany 😉 Somehow it will be strange to pass Christmas without any much input, on the other hand you also don’t have Chinese New Year in Germany…..and this means one whole week of holiday !!! 🙂


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