December 15th 2004

I’m still very very unsatisfied with the teaching thing, but I also didn’t expect a change within a few days. Today I extended my visa for another 60 days, which makes it the maximum of 180 days of that kind of visitor visa. Thus, to stay longer in the country I also have to make up my mind to get a Residence Visa + ARC (Alien Residence Certificate). There are quite a few possibilities, however, all of them require at least one of the two following things: A good job or money, of course it would be always useful to have both. Right now I have none of it, but about 10 weeks to change it from now on. Can’t do it today, coz the day is already over, 12.40am, but I will go on studying and writing chinese later.

If I can’t teach, at least I can learn!


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