December 11th 2004

It seems the struggle gets harder. The last two or three weeks didn’t pass the way I could be satisfied with. The main problem is to build up a stable basis of income I can count on … six weeks ago the start of the teaching thing made me really think positive, I had (…and still have) a lot of fun in teaching my own language and I got a comparatively high payment the hour.

However, I think it’s not worth the money. Finding a German teacher is still a lot more difficult than an English teacher and their average price the hour starts at 600NT. My average price is even lower. So either I’m too stupid to run my own business on a lower price than others do with even higher ones or I mainly find people whose general interest is not about improving their language skills, but increasing their account of foreign friends or whatever. I know I’m very stubborn in things like that, but very probably you would also think like if it’s the way to finance yourself. Right now I would say that the teaching thing will never bring enough money, enough regular money, to afford living, rent and tuition here in Taiwan. So, have to look for a regular job.

It’s not about I didn’t expect things to become like this …. how many people do you know, who can live only by do some private teaching? The surprising thing for me is that I cannot count on the agreements I make here in Taiwan, if I make five appointments for teaching and four of them get cancelled … whatever the reasons are … then I cannot count on future appointments anymore. Especially not if it happens not only in one but in three weeks in a row. And I don’t want to find twenty students to be glad to teach maybe five of them in a week.

Anyway, before you get too much pity on me right now, there are still many possibilities to take. I just write about the situation as it is at the moment, but regarding some important decisions about staying in Taiwan, this is a very important fact to consider. It would be the same for me in Germany or any other place in the world. Have to put both eyes on that now, but no need to panic.


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