November 20th 2004

Okay, so the big exam week is over for now. Last Sunday Miss Taiwanoca and I went to the library and it really was full of students preparing for their exams…quite funny, cause on the weekends the campus is usually like dead, most people like to be somewhere else than in Hsinchuang.

The exam wasn’t that difficult for me, since I was also able to discuss some problems with my classmates and my teacher didn’t care about it. So it’s quite normal that I got 95% and something like 9x is also the average, however, just imagine that I wasn’t able to speak any Chinese three months ago and now wrote an exam in it ! 🙂 Just three more days and the term will be over, then I will have one week of holiday, a work holiday very probably cause it’s important for me to spend my free time more in earning money than in spending it.

Last week I also listened to a very interesting conversation of some of my classmates. After three months of being in Taiwan now some of them feel very bored, some don’t like the living environment, some don’t like the food….some even don’t like the weather! Okay, I also don’t think that they should make Taiwan being their number one country at all, but if some of them really think that bad about Taiwan then I ask myself why they are even here. Somehow it makes me really angry, cause most of them are here on scholarships, so they even get money for staying here. And it’s really enough to cover all the costs and furthermore save a lot. So why they have a scholarship and I don’t?

As I wrote three months ago, I was very impressed that even people from Solomon Islands or St. Kitts and Nevis or Panama come to Taiwan to study Chinese, not only one or two, but a dozen or even more. The simple thing is that all of these countries run diplomatic ties with Taiwan, so they are offered many financial attractions to maintain the „friendship“. One of it is called scholarship. It doesn’t surprise me much, it just seems to be the way international politics may work…or at least the Taiwanese government does.

It’s just the thing: If some scholarship people don’t like to be in Taiwan they should get their asses back home and give the money to me. I wanna stay in Taiwan, but I have to pay for it and I still don’t know if I will able to pay everything in the near future. It’s a topic I could discuss about for hours and hours, but I will end it now for here. My words can’t change it, just my motivation to work could maybe help to go over it, so let me start to work now.


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