November 13th 2004

Today is my 80th day in Taiwan. Somehow it sounds like a quite long time, but I still think the weeks here are passing faster than in Germany, maybe because I live 7 hours ahead my home time? 😉 However, probably it’s because there are still much more things to explore for me than in Germany.

I was teaching German six hours this week, next week maybe eight or ten, in December maybe twelve. Together with my schedule of Chinese classes (at least 10 hours/week) and the unavoidable homework and preparation for exams and dictations (also about 10 hours/week) it leads me to at least 30 hours of business each week. The good thing is that it can hardly become boring for me, cause I never do only one thing a day and if I really don’t have anything to do, I sit here and continue to write my blog 😉

It seems that the typhoon season is over, this week’s weather has been very fine, almost 30 degrees and mostly sunny sky….just a few quite strong earthquakes shaking the island, with the strongest one on Monday evening reaching 6.6. However….at home the first snow fell and temperatures don’t go over ten degrees at day, but easily below zero at night! So I prefer sometimes not being able to sleep at night cause it’s too hot these days in November! 😉

I think Joan wanna set a record in writing to my guestbook, do you Joan? 🙂 Since I’m in Taiwan there were 15 messages posted, six from Joan and the last three in a row. Okay, you definitely have my deepest respect in being so enthusiastic about my site and the story and from now on you officially hold the writing-to-my-guestbook-record 🙂 Did we ever chat? If not, we have to as soon as possible!

When looking through the guestbook I just realize to how many people I didn’t talk to for a long while and when I look at my MSN / ICQ / YAHOO / AOL messengers (yes…I have them all) I even more realize how many people I don’t even know!! I think of launching a newsletter to maintain the peoples connection to the site, of course it will be blocked by a lot of so called spamkillers, I just will give it a try and see and much response I will get.

Have to study now. Next week there will be the big exam! Although I’m not that much afraid about it, because I study Chinese without any duties, I still keep my attitude to do any exam with a maximum effort. If not, I wouldn’t deserve to be here.


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