October 18th 2004

I don’t know if you noticed or if it was somewhere in the news, but three days ago there was this big earthquake here in Taiwan. What you probably didn’t see in the news is that I also lay down all weekend because of a bad cold, what, compared to the big earthquake, I think was even worse!

Okay, so this has been my first earthquake I experienced on my own and not by watching movies or videos from Japanese convenient stores (as TV somehow always shows). The first few seconds I felt like I was dizzy until I realized that it wasn’t me, but the room which was shaking!! You really could feel the movement of the ground and the house as well, it wasn’t that strong to let all the stuff in the boards fall down, but it was already enough to imagine that maybe you gonna get a lot of trouble in the next seconds if that is just the beginning. Fortunately it wasn’t. My room calmed down after about 30 seconds and didn’t dare to move again the following time.

However, if you analyze the strength and the center of the quake as you can do here, 7.0 in a closer distance to the island would have been a very big problem. Thus, being fortunate that we got off lightly and making the experience of an earthquake I think that’s enough for this matter, don’t have to experience it for a second time.

About my cold: It started the last week with sore throat and changed into running nose and a humming head at the weekend, which stole me several hours of sleep cause I also had to sneeze every five minutes. At the top I guess I reached about 4.5 on the Richter scale or Japan could also hear me sneezing 🙂 However, it’s quite okay at the moment, although current weather seems to be perfectly made for a continuation, 23 degrees, raining and windy (another typhoon knocking on Taiwan’s door). So, I decided to stay at home and work on the site for the rest of the day….at least as long as my room doesn’t shake again ….. 🙂


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