October 13th 2004

It’s the first time in Taiwan that I’m sick. Nothing serious, you can call it half of a cold or maybe even a quarter. Just a sore throat and cough from time to time. For me it seems that restaurants and other locations turn down their air-conditions to lower temperatures, usually I didn’t feel cold when sitting inside, but now I do. Or it’s maybe because we „only“ have about 25 degrees on average right now instead of 30 degrees in September 🙂

Next week I have to extend my visa. Today is my 50th day in Taiwan and I have to apply for another 60-day permit. To get this, I have to pay the tuition fee for next term in advance, 17050 NT at once…..however, if paying now or in a few weeks makes no real difference and I don’t have to worry about visa matters for the rest of the year.


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