October 6th 2004

„For writing Chinese you need three things: A lot of patience, a lot of pencils and a lot of rubbers“, just came to my mind while studying for my first monthly exam. However, I passed it with 89%. I couldn’t remember every Chinese character, maybe I’m already too old or it has something to do with the thing that men memorize things in other ways than women. But I guess I’m just too old …. 🙂

I developed something like a daily life here in Taiwan, which looks like getting up between 10 and 11am (….the reason I chose to have classes in the afternoon !), having shower, breakfast and my daily website checks, having classes from 1.40pm to 3.30pm or 5.30pm, chat with friends, doing homework or go to the city, dinner between 6 and 8pm, chat with friends, doing homework or go to the city (the actions after dinner are depending on what I did before dinner), for the last hours of the day using computer and sometimes writing this blog (right now it’s 12.49am). Going to bed between 2 and 3am.

I consider to look for a teaching job quite soon. Of course I’m still not able to explain anything in Chinese, but maybe it’s even a better way not to speak the learner’s language. Have to find it out on my own. But since my gf’s classmates ask me to help them with their homework and it’s quite easy for me I think it’s time to look for some job opportunities dealing about it.


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