October 31st 2004

So finally at the end of the month I make it to post again. I must be quite busy, I think. I already thought about writing something for one week but every day there were other things to do. Let’s have a quick review of the week.

On Monday there was no school because of typhoon „Nock-Ten“, the news announced it on Sunday evening and I immediately put down my pencil, coz I was studying for several hours already. I was supposed to write another dictation on Monday. However, Miss Taiwanoca and I stayed in bed until about 1pm, the typhoon was at the Taipei area in the morning, so there was hardly anything else to do. I could only hear the heavy rainfall and strong winds, because when I look outside my window I just see another house, in fact, one side of another house or in single detail….I see the window from another house! No street or people or trees, just another window. So, this has been a month with earthquake and typhoon and some more rainy days, however, compared to Germany even much better weather 🙂

So I wrote my dictation on Tuesday when the typhoon was over and writing Chinese sometimes really rips my balls off! Well, not really, I just thought it’s a nice expression 😉 It’s because….you write character for character about 20 or 30 times, but the other day you can’t remember when you have to! This weekend I will write them about 30 or 40 times, so let’s see how many will stay in my mind tomorrow.

It seems that I can get three or four teaching jobs 🙂 They will start in the coming week and I’m really looking forward to it. I just wanna give it a try and see if I’m even good enough to teach my native language….it’s not knowing the language, but being able to explain about „der, die, das“, Akkusativ oder Dativ (….don’t ask me to explain!!). Anyways, this is one more step in the plan I made before going to Taiwan and it seems that it will also work out somehow.

The other days of the week I mostly spent with studying or working on the site 🙂 On Saturday, Miss Taiwanoca and I watched „The Forgotten“. Hmm….for 70 minutes the movie is really good, exciting and mysterious, after that it becomes somehow disappointing and in my opinion the end is really to forget. But like always…..watch by yourself and don’t listen to others!

Somehow I thought about giving a comment about the US presidential election on Tuesday, but I know that it would be a very long comment about US politics, so better even not starting. I just hope that American people will have a serious mind about the future. Make your own opinion about it.

October 18th 2004

I don’t know if you noticed or if it was somewhere in the news, but three days ago there was this big earthquake here in Taiwan. What you probably didn’t see in the news is that I also lay down all weekend because of a bad cold, what, compared to the big earthquake, I think was even worse!

Okay, so this has been my first earthquake I experienced on my own and not by watching movies or videos from Japanese convenient stores (as TV somehow always shows). The first few seconds I felt like I was dizzy until I realized that it wasn’t me, but the room which was shaking!! You really could feel the movement of the ground and the house as well, it wasn’t that strong to let all the stuff in the boards fall down, but it was already enough to imagine that maybe you gonna get a lot of trouble in the next seconds if that is just the beginning. Fortunately it wasn’t. My room calmed down after about 30 seconds and didn’t dare to move again the following time.

However, if you analyze the strength and the center of the quake as you can do here, 7.0 in a closer distance to the island would have been a very big problem. Thus, being fortunate that we got off lightly and making the experience of an earthquake I think that’s enough for this matter, don’t have to experience it for a second time.

About my cold: It started the last week with sore throat and changed into running nose and a humming head at the weekend, which stole me several hours of sleep cause I also had to sneeze every five minutes. At the top I guess I reached about 4.5 on the Richter scale or Japan could also hear me sneezing 🙂 However, it’s quite okay at the moment, although current weather seems to be perfectly made for a continuation, 23 degrees, raining and windy (another typhoon knocking on Taiwan’s door). So, I decided to stay at home and work on the site for the rest of the day….at least as long as my room doesn’t shake again ….. 🙂

October 13th 2004

It’s the first time in Taiwan that I’m sick. Nothing serious, you can call it half of a cold or maybe even a quarter. Just a sore throat and cough from time to time. For me it seems that restaurants and other locations turn down their air-conditions to lower temperatures, usually I didn’t feel cold when sitting inside, but now I do. Or it’s maybe because we „only“ have about 25 degrees on average right now instead of 30 degrees in September 🙂

Next week I have to extend my visa. Today is my 50th day in Taiwan and I have to apply for another 60-day permit. To get this, I have to pay the tuition fee for next term in advance, 17050 NT at once…..however, if paying now or in a few weeks makes no real difference and I don’t have to worry about visa matters for the rest of the year.

October 6th 2004

„For writing Chinese you need three things: A lot of patience, a lot of pencils and a lot of rubbers“, just came to my mind while studying for my first monthly exam. However, I passed it with 89%. I couldn’t remember every Chinese character, maybe I’m already too old or it has something to do with the thing that men memorize things in other ways than women. But I guess I’m just too old …. 🙂

I developed something like a daily life here in Taiwan, which looks like getting up between 10 and 11am (….the reason I chose to have classes in the afternoon !), having shower, breakfast and my daily website checks, having classes from 1.40pm to 3.30pm or 5.30pm, chat with friends, doing homework or go to the city, dinner between 6 and 8pm, chat with friends, doing homework or go to the city (the actions after dinner are depending on what I did before dinner), for the last hours of the day using computer and sometimes writing this blog (right now it’s 12.49am). Going to bed between 2 and 3am.

I consider to look for a teaching job quite soon. Of course I’m still not able to explain anything in Chinese, but maybe it’s even a better way not to speak the learner’s language. Have to find it out on my own. But since my gf’s classmates ask me to help them with their homework and it’s quite easy for me I think it’s time to look for some job opportunities dealing about it.