September 17th 2004

You know what? I really really planned to update this blog very often, like every second or at least third day…..okay, so the first try missed badly, but for my excuse: they were many many things to figure out and when being home at night after studying for several hours, my only wish was to sleep than writing on the computer. That’s the point. Although I’m just at school for two and a half weeks, I can say that it is much more demanding for your personal effort than any other institution I’ve been before. Today I wrote my first dictation using Chinese characters, just five sentences, but hey, not many days ago I was glad to somehow write my name (in Chinese) and today I wrote with more than 20 characters and I got 98%.

Ok, but now let’s come to the outer-schools part. Since almost two weeks I’m living in my room and yesterday I got my own internet connection! Before, I had to use a shared-line, which sometimes broke down or was damn slow, so much better right now. So actually I would say I really „arrived“ at Taiwan, being over the tourist-life, just being a „normal“ student.

The regular semester for all students will begin on 09/20 (the Language Center already started at 09/01) and today was the arrival of older students and freshmen. It was the first time that the campus was really crowded and many people were looking for their ways. It’s quite funny to see when you already figured out most of the things and now other’s have to do the same. I’m really looking forward to next week, coz sometimes when going to class I felt like being alone on the campus!

But maybe it was also because of the heavy rain showers the island was hit by last weekend. Miss Taiwanoca and I were going to Taichung sitting in the bus, when the streets were flooded until ankles and knees, depending on the heaviness of the rain, the worst case has been even until the waist. For God’s sake I’m living on the fourth floor 🙂 However, it wasn’t that Typhoon-worst case, but also don’t wanna know what that will be …..

Thus, things are starting to go their own ways right now, the Taiwanese way, or Taiwanoca like I prefer 😉 Since that many things have their steady place right now, I think I also will get more time to write than to move stuff from place A to B, at least I hope so. For the moment I wish you a nice weekend, and me a good night at 2am. See ya!


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